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our way of being nurserymen

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The nursery has a whole other form from Pistoia Plants

The company covers 420 hectares of nurseries, partly owned and partly managed by companies in the supply chain, producing an extensive range of outdoor ornamental plants. Most of our plants are grown in our headquarters in Pistoia, but we also have nurseries in Spain, from which we draw for all those Mediterranean varieties of plants.

Our company has always paid particular attention to the environment. We regularly use an irrigation and rainwater recovery system. Moreover, we are one of the few companies to engage clean energy in production since 2007. In fact, we have obtained a certification certificate that recognizes the use of energy from renewable sources. In this perspective and in the desire to constantly improve our approach to production making it even more sustainable and respectful of the world around us, We pay constant attention to every phase of the production of our plants trying to find new solutions and to devise new projects with the ultimate goal of preserving the environment.

An eye inside the nursery…

to each his own nursery