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Plants in pots, on the ground or Ornamental plants

Nothing is greener than our plants

All the plants you are looking for you can find from Pistoia plants

We produce over 1500 varieties of outdoor ornamental plants. Production takes place in the open field or in a container, from small shrubs to plants of ready effect.

Thanks to our particular microclimate we produce a wide range of evergreen and stripping trees and shrubs, conifers, roses, aquatic plants, Mediterranean plants, citrus, hedges, climbing, fruit trees and turf. The plants are ready for delivery at any time of the year. Pistoia Piante takes care within its nurseries to produce, thanks to the particular local micro-climate, a wide range of outdoor ornamental plants, both in pots and in sod, suitable for different climatic zones.

•Agrumi •Alberature •Alberi da frutta •Arte topiaria •Bonsai giganti •Cespugli •Conifere •Palme •Piante fiorite •Piante mediterranee •Rampicanti

We specialize in topiary art

The basis of our green architecture is the know-how in topiary art

Thanks to the help of highly trained staff, the vast experience and a tradition born in the Tuscany Region, our company is specialized in topiary art, the art of modeling plants giving them the most varied forms. In addition, our landscape architect provides advice in the design of green spaces, helping our customers to choose the most suitable tree species for each area and various climates and designing parks and gardens unique in shape and color.

Topiary art in our nurseries: “Our Giant Bonsai are adult plants shaped in various shapes, with overlapping or twisted stages. The realization of these real living sculptures requires a technique that is acquired in tens and tens of years and a patient work of expert hands

We can offer the services of a staff of landscape architects and agronomists, with international experience, who can provide customized projects respecting the climate and the environment in which they must integrate.

The interaction between architect and agronomist guarantees the success of the project and its durability, while respecting the indications provided by the client.

The varieties of plants you can find…
Every plant has its shape