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After Sales

After Sales, Service and Consulting

Our customers can take advantage of direct contact with our experts even after the purchase.

Our staff is in fact available to respond to any need to emerge in order to guarantee our customers a service as complete and reliable as possible. Usufruiamo why experts in the various areas (agronomists, gardeners, landscape architects) able to make information available to the different needs their knowledge and experience.

We offer our customers a free post-sales consulting, for the proper planting and care of plants we fornite.Esperti agronomists and plant pathologists will recommend the best products and treatments suitable for proper plant growth.

Upon request, our staff can attend the steps of unloading and planting of plants for the customer.




  • Via dei Guadi, 246
  • Pontenuovo (Pistoia)


  • PHONE +39 0573 935307
  • EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




  • Via dei Guadi, 246
  • Pontenuovo (Pistoia)


  • PHONE +39 0573 935307
  • EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to reach Us

Come arrivare a Pistoia:

IN AEREO:  dagli aeroporti di Pisa (G. Galilei) e Firenze Peretola.

IN AUTO: da Firenze - autostrada A11 direzione Pisa - km. 35  - da Lucca, autostrada A11 direzione Firenze - km. 42 - da Pisa, autostrada A11 direzione Firenze - km. 67 - da Bologna, autostrada A1 direzione Firenze e autostrada A11 direzione Pisa - km. 91 - da Roma, autostrada A1 direzione Bologna e autostrada A11 direzione Pisa - km. 306.


TRENO: Collegamenti giornalieri da e per Bologna (Porrettana) e da e per Viareggio e Firenze.

IN PULLMAN: Collegamenti giornalieri sulla linea Firenze - Viareggio con le Autolinee Lazzi. Dall'aeroporto di Pisa collegamenti in autobus con compagnie private.


We benefit from an advanced and cutting-edge logistics system. Thanks to a perfect care of the packaging and the load guarantee the best conditions of transport of plants, all over the world, whether they are sent by land, by sea or by air, by container or truck.

Their starting conditions will be preserved intact until the arrival, in spite of the cold weather or scorching or contingencies of various kinds. Our company is able to arrange the shipment of goods across the world, by land, by sea and by air.

Our company is able to arrange the shipment of goods across the world, by land, by sea and by air.

We believe that the preparation and care of loading an essential element for customer satisfaction, and is taking care of the smallest details that we can ensure that plants arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Each load is documented photographically.

We can arrange shipments for loads not complete.


Pistoia plants always exports 90% of its production and is present in the following markets :, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Ireland, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan , Algeria, Middle East

Each area and each market has its referent.



Nurseries The company covers 420 hectares of nurseries, partly owned and partly managed by the supply chain, producing an extensive range of outdoor ornamental plants. Most of our plants are grown in our headquarters, in Pistoia, but we nurseries in Spain, from which we draw for all the variety of Mediterranean plants. Environment Our company has always paid special attention to the environment. Regularly we use a recovery system of irrigation water and rainwater. We are also one of the few companies to engage in clean energy production since 2007. We have in fact obtained a certificate that recognizes the use of energy from renewable sources. With this in mind and the desire to constantly improve our approach to making production even more sustainable and respectful of the world around us, we put a constant attention to every stage of production in our plants trying to find new solutions and to create new projects have as their ultimate goal the preservation of the environment.


Our customers can choose to come directly within our nurseries and shop on site, or they can take advantage of the opportunity to place orders online and by phone. Our staff are always on hand to provide all the information necessary to ensure customer satisfaction

Online purchases / Purchasing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone / Fax Tel. +39 0573 935307 Fax. +39 0573 934239

Our Company

Pistoia Plants is an innovative and dynamic company specialized in the production of ornamental outdoor plants. Founded in 1997 by the passion, professionalism and twenty years experience of Nicola Sandroni and Barbara Gentile, Pistoia Plants is among the nurseries of high range, focusing on a high quality product and the extreme personalization of the service offered to the customer

Mission: Through cutting edge cultivation techniques, a sophisticated and accurate logistics system and a highly skilled staff we want to offer our customers a high quality product that includes personalized services and that meets all the requirements imposed by the market and respecting and protecting the environment

Vision: Our goal is to consolidate our position in the markets, especially foreign, through a relentless focus on quality agreement in all its aspects.



We produce more than 1500 varieties of outdoor ornamental plants. Production takes place in the open or in containers, from small shrubs to trees ready effect.

Thanks to our unique microclimate produce a wide range of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs, conifers, roses, water plants, Mediterranean plants, citrus, hedges, vines, fruit trees and lawns. The plants are ready for delivery at any time of the year.

Pistoia Plants care within their nursery production, thanks to the particular local micro-climate, of a wide range of outdoor ornamental plants, both in pots in plate, suitable for different climatic zones.

• Citrus fruits • Masts • Fruit trees • • Topiary Bonsai giants • Conifers • Bushes • Palms • Flowering plants • Plants • Mediterranean Climbers



Plants we commercialize


We can offer an incredible range of plants for all kinds of use

Vivai Piante 10
Vivai Piante 11
Vivai Piante 12
Vivai Piante 13
Vivai Piante 14
Vivai Piante 15
Vivai Piante 16
Vivai Piante 17
Vivai Piante 18
Vivai Piante 19
Vivai Piante 2
Vivai Piante 20
Vivai Piante 21
Vivai Piante 22
Vivai Piante 23
Vivai Piante 24
Vivai Piante 25
Vivai Piante 26
Vivai Piante 27
Vivai Piante 3
Vivai Piante 4
Vivai Piante 5
Vivai Piante 6
Vivai Piante 7
Vivai Piante 28
Vivai Piante 29
Vivai Piante 30
Vivai Piante 31

Post Vendita

Post Vendita, Assistenza e Consulenze

 I nostri clienti possono usufruire di un contatto diretto con i nostri esperti anche in fase successiva all’acquisto.

Il nostro personale è infatti disponibile a rispondere a qualsiasi esigenza possa emergere in modo da garantire ai nostri clienti un servizio quanto più completo e affidabile possibile. Usufruiamo per questo di esperti nei vari settori (agronomi, giardinieri, architetti del paesaggio) capaci di mettere al servizio delle diverse necessità le proprie conoscenze e la propria esperienza.

Offriamo ai nostri clienti un servizio gratuito di consulenza post vendita, per la corretta messa a dimora e la cura delle piante da noi fornite.Esperti agronomi e fitopatologi sapranno consigliare i migliori prodotti e trattamenti adatti per la corretta crescita delle piante.

 Su richiesta il nostro personale può assistere alle le fasi di scarico e messa a dimora delle piante per conto del cliente.



Le persone sono la nostra vera risorsa.

Possiamo contare su uno staff altamente specializzato ed esperto nel settore vivaistico, costantemente aggiornato e formato. Inoltre, nell’ottica di fornire un servizio quanto più personalizzato possibile, vantiamo fra i nostri collaboratori un’ampia conoscenza dei mercati esteri, delle diverse lingue straniere e delle necessità e caratteristiche dei vari mercati in cui la nostra azienda lavora.

Chi lavora con noi deve sentirsi tutelato da un punto di vista della sicurezza, ma avere anche la possibilità di crescere all’interno dell’azienda stessa, vedendo valorizzate le proprie capacità. Passione e competenza sono le nostre parole d’ordine. 



People are our most valuable resource.

We can count on a highly qualified and experienced in the nursery sector, constantly updated and trained. Furthermore, in order to provide a service as personalized as possible, we boast among our employees a wide knowledge of foreign markets, the different languages and the needs and characteristics of the various markets in which our company works.

Those who work with us must feel protected from the point of view of security, but also have the opportunity to grow within the company, seeing enhanced their skills. Passion and competence are our watchwords.


Кто мы

В 1997 году Никола Сандрони и Барбара Жентиле, уже имея  25 летний опыт в области садоводства, основали питомник Пистойя Пианте, внедряя самые передовые технологии и системы механизации. Сейчас ПистояПиянте  - это инновационная и стабильно развивающаяся компания, специализирующаяся на производстве уличных декоративных растений. Как и прежде, Никола и Барбара заботятся о каждым клиенте, уделяя огромное внимание их запросам и пожеланиям, помогая с правильным подбором растений. ПистояПианте входит в число компаний в Тоскане, которые предоставляют услуги своим клиентам на высоком уровне.

Наша миссия: предоставлять нашим клиентам отличный сервис и посадочный материал высокого качества.


Компания ПистойяПианте может организовать поставку растений по всему миру любым удобным для вас способом: по суши, морю или воздуху.

Мы считаем, что правильная подготовка и загрузка растений являются одним из важных составляющих в работе с клиентами. Имея большой опыт в логистике, мы гарантируем, что наши растения прибудут к вам в отличном состоянии.

Каждая отгрузка документируется фотографически.

Мы также организовываем поставки сборных грузов

Наши клиенты

ПистояПианте экспортирует 90% своей продукции в Европу, некоторые страны Азии и Востока. Основные страны куда мы отправляем наши растения:

  • Швейцария
  • Австрия
  • Германия
  • Франция
  • Лихтенштейн
  • Бельгия
  • Ирландия
  • Хорватия
  • Сербия
  • Румыния
  • Черногория
  • Украина
  • Россия
  • Азербайджан
  • Грузия
  • Узбекистан
  • Алжир


Площадь питомников Пистойя Пианте, где мы и наши партнеры выращиваем растения, около 400 га. Мы специализируемся только на уличных декоративных растениях для различных климатических зон, ориентируясь на высокое качество продукции и безупречный сервис для наших клиентов.

Окружающая среда

Наша компания уделяет пристальное внимание защите окружающей среды. Мы постоянно используем систему сбора дождевой воды для орошения растений. В 2007 мы получили сертификат об использование энергии из возобновляемых источников и с того времени являемся одной из немногих компаний, участвующих в производстве экологически чистой энергии.






Plant health inspection


Always available and always ready to your requests


  • Via dei Guadi, 246
  • Pontenuovo (Pistoia)


  • PHONE +39 0573.935307
  • EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • VALENTINA - English Russian and Italiano
  • E-MAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • PHONE +39 334.9905831